What guests look for in hotel website guestroom photos

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Guestroom photos on hotel websites can affect customers’ decisions to book and guests’ perceptions of the room before they check in.

With the hotel industry becoming more competitive, multiple surveys have demonstrated the importance of hotel design features for overall quality of service.

However, until the moment of check-in, customers form their guestroom design perceptions based on photo galleries available on hotel websites. Research shows the appeal of a guestroom’s environment sends a strong marketing message to potential guests and drives their service quality expectations and shapes their decisions to book at a hotel.

Drawing from marketing research literature, discussions with architects and interviews with hotel guests, a hyper-realistic, computer-generated guestroom (see above photo) environment was created for the purpose of our research to identify key features hotel guests notice when booking hotel stays.

Key features hotel guests notice when booking hotel stays

  • Interior appearance
  • Lay-out accessibility
  • Furnishing attributes
  • Lighting quality

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